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Oct 12, 2012 6:00am PDT
years ago the team made this unmanned aircraft guided by the law, it flies to locations and takes pictures and returns. at the end of march of last year, the aircraft made headlines. it flew over the major nuclear plant in fukushima right after the disaster. from a height of 400 meters, it took photos. this shows the further details of the damage. it provided crucial information on where to spray water and how much. until now, the company could only take still pictures. but after fukushima, the crew decided to make a movie cam that takes movie images in 3d. their goal was to get a bird's-eye view. they decided to use a kind of helicopter that had six rotors. it lifts off vertically, controlling speed and direction is easy. the team has just started taking pictures. one person controls the copter, the other the camera. they try to send the copter under a low substantial bridge. but as the march copter rises, part of it is in the chart. he succeeds. the camera is so good it can even though the texture of rocks and record clear images of places people can't reach from the ground. >>
Oct 9, 2012 6:00am PDT
to plotting the attack. they indicted him on charges of violating the national security law. the south's news agency says the man paid a taxi driver in china to stage a hit-and-run accident on kim jong-nam. kim jong-nam wonce criticized te north korean leadership for the transfer of power from kim jong-il to his third son, kim jong-un. >>> defense officials in north korea have accepted a new agreement between south korea and the u.s. that they overextend the range of ballistic missiles held by seoul to cover the whole of north korea. the north's national defense commission has claimed its strategic rocket forces can strike bases in south korea as well as plalss in japan, guam, and the u.s. mainland. the statement also said north korea is prepared to counter any missiles on nuclear weapons with equal force. u.s. and south korean officials say the range of seoul's ballistic missiles will be increased from 300 to 800 kilometers. they say the extension is in response to the north's missile development program. >>> sri lanka shines as a center for global production of precious stones. the island p
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2